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Would you trust a robot with your brand story?

Robot that decide what is the story of yourbrand

Neglect your brand heritage at your peril. Harness the power of your archive.

If it stands to reason that brands are built of memories then companies need to invest in curating their history for a consumer audience. However, many companies are failing to manage their own digital heritage and when neglected, an archive can become a problem rather than an opportunity.

If a company's story is left to Google, Facebook or Wikipedia's curation, the true essence of the brand is lost. The Brand Archivists see this as a massive oversight and a crucial but lost opportunity for brands to own their narrative and build deeper collective connections with their consumers.

So what can brands do to re-engage their audience ?

Companies need to curate their history in an engaging, inter-connected way that allows people to access visual stories and memories, told through the individuals that shaped and built them.

This can deliver in three key areas:

building a digital presence that educates people internally about the company and shows externally its relevance in today’s world;

conserving the company history

keeping your brand relevant today telling stories from the past to invoke a collective memory and a loyal following.


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