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“Victoria has great experience in all aspects of the imagery business, in particular understanding how to preserve and create value in archival collections from her tenure at Bridgeman Images which has a well-deserved reputation as a leader in this specialist field. More recently I have worked with the Brand Archivists on some archive projects in the UK. They have a great attention to detail and understanding of digital archive management, as well as an intelligent approach to content curation. The combination of long experience in the imagery business with great knowledge of the branding industry is unique in the market, and their service is pivotal for so many brands who need to work harder than ever before to engage with their customers. I look forward to working with The Brand Archivists on many more projects in the future.”

Nick Evans-Lombe

Former COO

Getty Images

“I have known Katie Bridgeman for almost 10 years. Her background on Branding at Saatchi’s and WPP has made her one of my key go to people when thinking of brand development and creating content most specifically during my time at Swarovski. Her connection of branding to arts and culture, history and brands DNA have always stood out in her approach. The Brand Archivists’ development could not be more relevant in the times we are living- Being able to leverage on their extensive expertise in both the fields of archiving and branding is unique and offers us all the opportunity to find a new way of looking into the future by revisiting the past with a sparkle. I look forward to working with them again.”

Rita Almeida

Senior Director, Private Clients


Previously: VP, Strategy and Business Development


“Having worked closely with the Brand Archivists through the Luxury Law Alliance, this company has a unique understanding of the creative and commercial aspects of galvanising the history and story of a brand. Their knowledge and expertise in archive and brand management is unmatched as is their vision for the importance of heritage and how this can be built upon to create an exciting and original story for a company. In the new normal, sophisticated digital marketing strategies are here to stay and luxury brands must seek to differentiate from competitors with their stories and heritage. With their expertise in this area, the Brand Archivists are ahead of the pack in creating imaginative and innovative campaigns. In short, they make magic.”

Mary Heaney

Editorial Director

Luxury Law Alliance / Global City Media 

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