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The Magic of Brand Artification

“Gabrielle Chanel; Fashion Manifesto” is a dazzling display of the designer's work on show now until December at the V&A London. The exhibition spans the eponymous designer's career from the opening of Chanel’s first Parisian boutique in 1910 to the presentation of her final collection in 1971. It is a must-see and already booked out!

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first fashion designers to cross the rubicon from couture to culture by creating a permanent display of his designs. The Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent Foundation was created in 2002, its main mission is the conservation and promotion of the work of Yves Saint Laurent. Fondation Berge is a one of a kind display demonstrating the transformation of a brand through ARTIFICATION. “I have always said that we had to transform memories into a project and, with this Foundation, that is what we have done.” Pierre Bergé.

“In building a complete archive of a designer's work from prototypes to designs and brand ephemera, and displaying them in a museum, the brand succeeds in securing it's position in our cultural history for the generations to come,” writes Victoria Bridgeman from the Brand Archivists.

Katie Bridgeman adds, 'as the luxury market grows, and brands increasingly compete for clearer digital headspace, brands need to find new ways to communicate with their clients on a deeper, more engaging level. Artification strategies when combined with a skilfully curated archive allow brands to develop an emotional engagement with their clients that will elevate them from the high street to the museum.

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